can a person watch kR Decade first before the previous 9 heisei rider series??

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hi, i would like to ask this question... since the previous 9 heisei rider series is independent among each other, means u don need to watch them in order.. u can watch any one series u liked.. Although agito may have a bit related to kuuga, but i think it's ok to watch agito first than kuuga... now, i know KR Decade is the 10th anniversary of the heisei kamen rider.. but, do u think a new person in toku can watch decade first before watching the 9 previous heisei rider series? what i feel abt the decade series is that it requires a person to finish watching the previous 9 series then finally watch decade.. u see, in every toku series, whenever a hero first appear, they will show their henshin slowly, including every movement in henshin, every parts of the suits, n the complete roll call maybe.. however in decade, all the past riders that show up just henshined like that, without showing that they r indeed new heroes in that series.. u see, even i can't look carefully at amaki's henshin appearance n see if she got any difference from ibuki..

besides, there are many riders either appear as human form transformed into rider, or being summoned by diend n narutaki.. A new person will really get confused when seeing those strange riders appeared.. each rider summoned only appear for less than 3 minutes.. A person new to heisei kamen riders wouldn't have the chance to see clearly those summoned riders..

well, what do u think?


i think somebody who never watched any kamen rider series maybe could enjoy decade, but not as much as someone who at least know the riders and knows who they are instead of just seeing them as random guys in suit he have never seen. I havnt seen all the heisei series myself, but I know the characters thus I understand the deal of the series, I think somebody who doesnt know at least what the other series are about will be confused watching decade.

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I'd think it would be confusing, but I got one of my friends into Kamen Rider via Decade. So I dunno.
Of course. All you're seeing for the most part are old suits, and very few actual returning actors. So you won't be too confused.
The only Rider episode and movie I saw before Decade starred Black RX. Trust me, you can enjoy Decade without seeing the other nine, although they're probably helpful if you have questions regarding one of the worlds.


I think there's some really big spoilers regarding the other 9 worlds if you watch Decade first.

You would definitely lose some enjoyment if you decide to watch the other shows after it.

Some spoilers:
[HIDE] Faiz being Wolf Orphenoch
Chalice being Joker
Wataru being a Fangire or a half fangire(technically the series only revealed this later, we all knew it because we looked at the website)
Kabuto's Sister being a Worm, or Kabuto having a sister at all.

You can also certainly pick up other signficant plot poitns in the other worlds especially Agito's.

I would actually recommend people to watch all the other shows first maybe with the exception of Kuuga and Hibiki (or maybe even Agito and Den-o) since they don't have a whole lot of things that can be spoiled.


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Of course. All you're seeing for the most part are old suits, and very few actual returning actors. So you won't be too confused.

I think this is true, but if want full enjoyment, and any shred of nostalgia, you should watch the shows too.


do u think a new person in toku can watch decade first before watching the 9 previous heisei rider series?

Of course. Whether Decade may be your first Kamen Rider show, shouldn't effect your experiences with the rider shows. All decade is, is that it's just a big grand tour of what the heisei riders is all about!


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It's up to them if they want to see Hibiki or not. Their decision, but anyone who watch the first episode and decide to hate Hibiki DOES NOT EXCUSE.

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If someone starts off with Decade, he might wonder who the older Riders are. Sure he might not have that nostalgic feeling, but at least he'll have an idea of what kind of characters they were. But still, I too would recommend that he watch the older series first. If not, then watch their movies or some of the episodes.

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yes, ive never seen any other heisei rider before Kabuto and i'm enjoying decade. my brother only watched Kiva and he's enjoying decade.

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It's possible, but if you get confused to why they re-casted the actors for the nine Heisei worlds, well it's because most of the original actors of the Heisei Kamen Rider Series were busy on other stuff, yet it would be difficult to watch Decade if you weren't aware of what the original stories of all nine Heisei Kamen Riders were like. So, I would say yes and no. My guess is that you continue watching Decade first, then try to watch almost half of the nine Heisei Riders that are either subbed or RAW versions.


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It's a double edge sword....

If you don't watch the previous will reveal a lot of spoilers...:sweat:

If you do watch the previous'll be banging your head on the table because Decade is friggin Jesus because he's practically making mincemeat out of every one...except...for Otoya Kurenai...even though he's evil this time...:laugh:



I have the misfortune of seeing 555-current so I do understand half the stuff that's going on. However Decade's world's stories seem to hold their own, showing a glimpse of each rider's powers but not going into them full detail. That I believe new viewers can see and be inspired by the suits and attacks of previous series and may check on them eventually. The spoilers in the stories wouldn't be spoilers to new viewers when they watch it. They never saw the original series so it can be assumed that the stories reside in Decade only. They'll be spoiled by researching the series online.

I still liked the stories of Kuuga-Ryuki worlds and I wouldwatch the older series with a open mind.

And another thing. Watching older series can give off a different impression when watching Decade. Viewers can end up comparing Decade's riders to past riders which can get troublesome. Watching it with a clean mind lets you enjoy what's presented to you in Decade, which I felt in Kuuga and Agito's worlds. It's not such a mindfuck past the first scene, giving a chance to view each world separately.
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Faiz's world was most disappointing one with no other riders other then Faiz and he doesn't have big role due to Kaito's appearance as Diend.

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