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Have you ever looked at American history and wished some parts of it were different? (If you’re a decent human being, then probably.) Now’s your chance to prove you could do better: game studio Angry Bulls is working on Build and Discover: America, a management sim that puts you in charge of this country in its founding years, and lets you make all the decisions regarding its growth and management. Just call yourself Alternate Universe King Washington!
You’ll start with the original thirteen colonies, then after the Louisiana Purchase you’ll expand west. Build the White House, the Pentagon, the Statue of Liberty (wait a minute, France built that) and other monuments. Everything is up to you, even the size of America itself (perhaps not all the territories will unite this time). As with most sim games, don’t expect an easy path to whatever it is you want to do…natural disasters, economic recessions and human conflicts will complicate matters every step of the way.
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