Bridget has been one of the fan favorites in the Guilty Gear franchise. The first time this feisty nun debuted two decades ago, people thought the character was a young girl who wore a leg mini-skirt nun costume. Then in the game’s story mode, the character is revealed to be a boy. Bridget was from a village in England where twins of the same sex were seen as a bad omen. The extra child will either vanish or be sacrificed. Bridget’s parents decided to raise their other son as a daughter. In the early days, that explains why Bridget crossed dresses. Despite of the way feminine clothing style, Bridget was using male pronouns and wanted to be seen as a boy.
Bridget is a bounty hunter who utilizes teddy bears and yo-yos as weapons to support her family. This character is beloved for having a charming and enthusiastic personality.
Therefore, Bridget was received positively by the audience as a...

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I love that the characters supportive of her coming out are Goldlewiss and Ky. Two cis-het straight men!


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This is utterly perplexing. Bridget, who was raised as a female since his parents didn't want to kill him when he was a newborn, becomes a bounty hunter in GGXX to show that he is a boy and to dispel the folklore that twins create catastrophe in the village where he was born.Bridget, according to GG Strive, was starting to be accepted by the community after she proved the village incorrect, so why is he suddenly deciding to adopt a female identity now that he has accomplished his goals? What was the original plot's purpose, and why did Bridget decide to change her gender given the story's main theme is tied to the protagonist's gender?


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The point about Ky' and Goldlewis' behavior is that, regardless of their current knowledge of trans issues, anyone with a healthy perspective may behave in the same way. Since this game is set in the future, society there is more liberal than it is now. You know what? I never expected to witness a sincere and enthusiastic discussion on gender dysphoria at GUILTY GEAR of all places. I'm happy it exists.

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I'm not sure if that is applicable to actual gender. The closest illustration that comes to a gender identity is previously tomboy women who have learned to embrace pink and femininity. I'm not a gender specialist, though. But any way, Good for thinking.


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So a character who was born male was compelled to adopt a feminine persona until they internalized the identification. Isn't that a little tragic? If Bridget has been equating their natural tendencies with pain and danger for so long that even after they have fled their village, they are still unable to put up the protective habits they have learnt.


As a Bridget Main, I think it's completely twisted that his entire character is about proving to the world that he is a Guy and that his birth is NOT a Bad Omen, only for them to retcon it in a tacky way, and just making him trans out of the blue fundamentally misses the point of the character. I'm not against trans characters in video games; it's just kind of crazy that they were FORCED to be girls and now want to go back to being seen as boys. It appears that Bridget was bullied into becoming a girl by society, which is abuse and should not be celebrated.

boy or girl, What Matter is that this character is cute.


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Why videogame companies are always problematic when it comes to writing trans characters. They need to have a trans consultant so the character wont be offensive to the community.


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People fail to comprehend the causes of anger. Bridget's entire story revolved around how she was made to act like a girl despite the fact that she wasn't one in order to disprove the curse. Why did she fight so hard to keep some of her manly traits while being compelled to adopt all of her feminine tendencies? I don't think people actually give a damn if she is trans; it's simply silly because now the parents and village benefit. There was no need to change the character because she had served as a symbol for many in the fighting game community by accepting the masculine traits and keeping the feminine ones she preferred.


Guilty Gear have lots of LGBT representation. Testament is non Binary and Venom is Gay,Elphelt Valentine is Pansexual,,Millia is Bisexual,