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Dreek Lass

I began watching a TV show called Breaking Bad a couple of days ago. This series is a pretty old series that began airing in 2008, and the final season has just finished airing last week. I am currently on season 4 now and I LOVE this show. It is brilliant. The first season was a bit slow for my tastes, but I still enjoyed the whole concept and premise.

So anyway, the series is full of action and stuff like that and I wished that it was a video game. But after some digging I discovered that there is no video game for Breaking Bad which is nothing short of a crime.

Do watch Breaking Bad? If so, what would you want from a Breaking Bad game?

Dreek Lass

I want to start to watch the show. What would be the perfect genre for it?

The show or the game? Either way, the show is like a thriller type drama, suspense type show, kind of like Dexter.Breaking Bad is just the sort of show that would make a very successful video game, but for some reasonnobody seems to have taken the initiative in making a game for it. I have seen people come up with so many ideas as to how a Breaking Bad Game would run.

There would have to be shooting in the game, mini games to illustrate struggle when it came to fighting or choking someone. Driving would be involved, stealth - all of the things that make the actual show so great.

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