Brand New Ember Dice Come To Kickstarter March 28


<p>Mythroll Ar—-wait, this is from someone else? Sorry, we’re too used to reporting on dice from those people. Ember Forge, a Grecian metalwork studio, introduced Ember Dice to the market in 2019. Like Mythroll, Ember Forge makes metallic dice sets for tabletop gaming campaigns in ornate patterns. The dice have come in three waves: the Arcanum Dice Set and the Iron Warden Dice Set in 2019, the the Moon Weaver Dice set in 2021, and coming soon, sets four and five: the Atlantean Dice Set and the Yggdrasil Dice Set.</p>

Simple Sponge

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I'm only a casual tabletop gamer, therefore I'm constantly seeking for unusual dice sets. Ember Dice seem to be perfect for me!I'm pleased to see that more ecologically concerned businesses are making efforts to include recycled materials in their products, like Ember Forge.I'm intrigued by the new sets because they were jointly produced by someone with experience in Skyrim and Marvel.


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I appreciate that they're offering early bird tiers and stretch goals - it shows that they're invested in making their Kickstarter campaign as successful as possible.As someone who appreciates ornate designs, I'm excited to see what patterns and motifs they'll incorporate into the Atlantean and Yggdrasil sets.


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The concept that these dice are durable in addition to being gorgeous is noteworthy. For something that will be handled frequently, that is crucial.It's uplifting to see startups like Ember Forge flourish and broaden their product lines.

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