Brain Works | Korean Drama Series | Are All Psychopaths Murderous?


♪Love is in the Air♪
Oh my, I am absolutely thrilled by this show! It's incredible to witness how Brain Works showcases the importance of collaboration between various fields such as neuroscience and law enforcement.One thing that always blows me away is the show's ability to strike a perfect balance between humor and serious subject matter. The way they seamlessly interweave both elements is nothing short of brilliant!

Foxy CleoPatra

Gotta Work it out!
Gurl, I highly recommend Brain Works to anyone who enjoys crime-solving dramas with a unique twist. It's a fun and thought-provoking series that explores the intersection between neuroscience and criminal behavior.It's sad to hear that Brain Works is only one season, especially since it has such a unique and interesting premise.


Sparkling Joy
Call me crazy but I can't help but root for the chemistry between the main characters in Brain Works. While I understand and respect the writers' decisions in how they portray the characters, I can't help but wish that they would explore the possibility of a romantic relationship between them. The actors have such great chemistry, and I think they would make a cute couple on screen. I know the actors and straight and the characters they play are straight but I just ship them.


Really digging fresh concept of Brain Works and how it combines elements of comedy and crime-solving with a focus on neuroscience. It's a unique and refreshing addition to the K-drama genre.

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