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Remote game development studio Bonsai Collective has announced the development of Luna Abyss, a bullet hell FPS set in the darkest reaches of space.
You play as a convict, who’s been given one of those “creative” sentences: to explore the cratered ruins of a derelict megastructure beneath the surface of an alien moon. Your goal is to figure out what happened to the community that once lived there, but you can already guess it was nothing good. What’d your character do to deserve this, anyway?
“Luna Abyss takes place on a moon that used to house a prosperous colony of the New British Empire, but is now wiped out and sealed following a mysterious event known as the Scourge,” says Benni Hill, Creative Director at Bonsai Collective. “In the prison atop the Abyss, your one companion is Aylin, an artificial prison sentry watching your every move. She sends convicts deep below for reconnaissance, extraction, and investigation of the collapse. We can’t wait to see what players make of this...

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I enjoy returnal-style games, and I have a feeling that this game is going to dominate it once more. Man, the motion, the lighting, the animation of the throwing knife... What the ****, it reminds me SO MUCH of Destiny 2. Is it powered by the same engine or what?


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This promises to be a cross between Doom and Returnal, and I cannot wait! Some of the adversaries and the setting design are reminiscent of the anime Blame!


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What a presentation, I tell you. On the basis of the design and lore, I'm looking forward to this. The offspring of Doom and Nier... Unsettling! Nevertheless, with a charming character design. I'm eager to see more of this!


Excellent, another first-person shooter that plagiarizes Doom. :rolleyes:🤢

Do we really need any more games like this? I'm so tired with the video game business today. Instead than imitating everything, create something original. Looks boring; ignore.


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I have no desire to play this game after watching this trailer. I'm getting pretty sick of watching cinematic trailers that don't actually describe the game or how to play it. This only conveys a concept to me, in my opinion. Additionally, the lore and plot seem dull. Even before I touch failure, I can smell it.