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Has society moved out of its Vampire fascination? With Twilight star Robert Pattinson having graduated from sparkling vamp-boy to playing a Batman and True Blood having closed the coffin many years back, it seems that some “new blood” is needed in the genre. Enter Blood From Stone, an original new vampire film from Writer/Director Geoff Ryan that explores the relationships of centuries old blood suckers who decide to live it up in the bright lights of Las Vegas.
Like most teenagers of the 90’s my defining vampiric experiences were limited to Buffy, The Vampire Slayer on TV and Blade in theaters, both focusing on the toll that hunting creatures of the night takes on the hunters. I personally never had an interest in Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt putting on the fangs for Interview With A Vampire, though that Anne Rice adaptation may be closer to the film at hand.

Blood From Stone is about as far...
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