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Blonde is an Autobiographical film about Marilyn Monroe, coming on September 23, 2022, on Netflix. The title pertains to the hair color of Hollywood’s greatest sex symbol. Cuban Spanish Actress Ana De Armas will be playing the legendary star. De Armas barely spoke English when she first came to Hollywood, and now she is portraying a real-life woman whose first language is English. She transformed into Marilyn through method acting.
The historical accuracy of this movie can be questionable. It is based on Joyce Carol Oates‘s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel. So there will be some sensationalized and fictional moments. Nevertheless, Ana’s acting acumen shines from what I see in the trailer.
Marilyn’s life is full of conspiracy and intrigue. This movie may explore some...

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I believe in the conspiracy that Marilyn got assassinated. I am not talking about the alien pentagon stuff which is the popular theory. Her killer is Lee Strasberg, I mean that guy is her acting coach, how the hell he end up inheriting her estate instead of her family


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Umm wrong!

Her Half sister Berniece Baker Miracle inherited some money from her. She also left a thrustfund for her mother. She put Strasberg on her will because she respects him. He only inherited her Estate and likeness.


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Blonde, is no biopic. It's based on an MAKE-BELIEVE book! In her disclaimer, the author makes it obvious that she used a lot of creative liberties. The phrase "based on the novel" appears in both the teaser and the trailer. With so many falsehoods around Marilyn, she really needs some help with this one:/ It is imperative that you keep this in mind while watching. This is a terrible film on Marilyn Monroe, and there are better ones out there.

My Week with Marilyn and Norma Jean & Marilyn are better movies.


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Even in the trailer, you can see the actress' grace, charisma, and sorrow. "Watched by all, seen by none" wow if there was ever a tagline in a movie trailer that captured how many Hollywood stars feel, this is it. It looks EPIC, and Ana de Armas was a brilliant pick. Excited to watch it.
Ana is a true artist.


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I see someone here criticized her accent, but that doesn't change the fact that haters hate regardless of the circumstances. However, they have no problem with an English actor portraying an ethnic minority, such as a Latina, in a film.It's a joy to watch Ana De Armas in any of her films. The best of her will be unleashed with this one, for sure! One of the greatest actors of our time, if not the greatest of all time, is in the making.


Marilyn Monroe was and still is a California-accented American symbol and legend.
Marilyn Monroe is played by an actress with a strong Hispanic accent, which I can clearly hear. If they wanted a Cuban American actor to play her, that's OK, but Marilyn Monroe, an American legend and icon, is being played by a Cuban from Spain, as her accent indicates. Also, this is stupid, and it looks terrible because she hasn't captured her essence and looks like a poor man's Marilyn Monroe, sorry but not sorry. Out of all the beautiful blondes in America, they chose a foreigner who can't fake her accent to play that role!!? Ana De Armas is stunning and brilliant, but she has a heavy foreign accent that you'll notice throughout the film.


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I'm confident She'll will be fantastic. With her Cuban accent, she'll be difficult for her to project as Marilyn Monroe. We'll have to wait and see what spectators and diehard Monroe fans think. Without a question, an intriguing pick. I can still she Marilyn's essence with her.
She got killed by Pentagon because she discovered the secret about Aliens. No way she wants to commit suicide. Her diary says she have more things to do.