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As expected with the movies of Jackie Chan, Bleeding Steel is a hard core action. And like his produced movie Reset, this is also a science fiction. Reset earned a meager $29 million maybe because the cast was relatively unknown. With Bleeding Steel, the fans of Jackie Chan will surely see because they expect the usual humorous stunts from their idol. Also in the cast are Tess Haubrich and Callan Mulvey.


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I love Jackie Chan! I am such a huge fan. Hes so funny and crazy and hugely talented. When I look at him, I see sincerity and humility. I see a man who does what he does because he loves making people happy. Not because he wants to be rich and famous. I love all his movies and I wish him the best for the future. Hes getting really old now so we have to cherish all the movies hes into now.


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Jackie Chan is one of my favorite actors, and I have seen most of its movies. I haven't seen the bleeding steel yet, and I hope I will have the chance to watch it very soon. I like Jackie Chan, he has an entertaining humor and its scenes are full of action.


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I love Jackie Chan and he is one of my greatest inspirations. His hard work and dedication and passion to do the stunts for real despite his breaking of bones is what makes him so great. I always watch all his movies and I would definitely watch this one also. Thanks for sharing this wonderful news. :)


I am not a fan of Jackie Chan, however, I enjoy Jackie Chan movies once in a while. I love humorous action in Jackie Chan movies.The actor is brilliant with action scenes. I have not heard of Bleeding Steel, perhaps because don't follow this actor's movie. However, I enjoy watching light movies from this Chinese actor. I will try to find the move and watch it.

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