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BlazeSky is a galaxy-themed role playing game in which you have to explore dozens of unique, hand-crafted star systems as you solve galactic mysteries. It also features 4k native graphics.
View the teaser trailer below:

Release Date: Currently expected for fall 2020, with early access in summer 2020.
Developer: Double Robot, a self-funded independent video game micro-studio based in Kirkland, WA.
List Price: US$29.99.
Languages: English. Other languages TBD.
Platform: macOS, Windows 10. Others TBD.
Minimum specs: Under review – currently runs in 4K on a ~2018 MacBook Pro and a 1060m MSI gaming system. More details TBD.
Rating: Expected to be roughly a teen rating.
Control Scheme: Designed for use with a standard XBox or PS4 gamepad.
Key gameplay/features: Easy, pick-up and play starship action. Game play is on a 2D plane for simplified controls. Features 4K, 3D graphics. Get missions from NPCs and explore dozens of hand-crafted star systems. Players can upgrade ship hulls...
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