Blasted is a Norwegian Science fiction comedy original coming to Netflix. You can watch it in the original Norse language with English subtitles. However, there is also an English Dub option if you are dyslexic or lazy to read. Enjoy an hour and fifty-four minutes of action, comedy, bromance, cheese, and alien goo. Blasted is one of the movies revealed by Netflix to celebrate Geek Week.
Blasted Official Trailer

Sebastian(Axel Bøyum) is about to marry his fiancee Josefine. (Cecilie Svendsen) Before he gets hitch, he wants to have a bachelor party and enjoy his last day as a single man with his friends. Rather than going to a strip club or a bar, the bros decided to celebrate by having a paintball battle, just like how they did it in their childhood. His childhood friend Mikkel...

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Boss of All Bosses
These are the types of films Netflix should explore. Not some awful resident evil knockoff or some Mary Sue American proving to French people in Paris that Americans are superior. I really hope Netflix will release this wonderful show in English. So much of their new programming is aimed at international markets, and it appears far superior to what Hollywood has to offer.

Melancholy Hill

There's Plastic tree
This one looks funny, I usually sew blankets while I watch because that is my business and source of income. So having a dub option makes me glad because I can't watch subtitled stuff.

Maria Jose M

Well-Known Member
At first, I mistook it for a remake of "Tag," but then the aliens appeared. Don't tell me this is a laser tag and alien apocalypse film in which these guys use special laser tag guns to kill alien zombies.

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