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Team17 and The Game Kitchen’s Blasphemous, best described as the 2D version of Dark Souls, suddenly has a lot more content. A free DLC update, The Stir Of Dawn, is available now on all platforms that adds a new storyline branch, more bosses, a new map system, a Spanish audio option and lots more.
The new story branch can only be experienced through a New Game+ playthrough…New Torment Mode gives you the challenge of facing the five Amanecidas. “Laudes – an ancient creation of the Miracle – has been awoken to challenge The Penitent One,” reads the story description.
Blasphemous is a fast-paced action platformer with a pseudo-Catholic flavor. Deep in the land of Cvstodia, a dark curse referred to as only The Miracle has twisted everything and turned the once-peaceful nation into a world of beasts. You play as The Penitent One, an armored soldier with a spiky sword. It’s your duty to hop all over Cvstodia, slash the deadly demons to ribbons, and lift the curse.

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