Blake Lively Steps Into The Octagon For MMA Drama, BRUISED

Mar 5, 2013
Originally published May 15, 2017:

Sierra/Affinity is readying its own slate to present at Cannes this month, also including the new mixed-martial arts action drama, Bruised. Basil Iwanyk is producing the film for Thunder Road alongside Management 360’s Linda Gottlieb and Guymon Casady of Management 360 with The Notebook helmer Nick Cassavettes tapped to direct.

Written by Michelle Rosenfarb, the film has one of two female leads currently cast for the film with actress Blake Lively starring in a tale about a single mother working two jobs and a former professional fighter who goes back in the ring in order to keep her son. Lively last appeared in Cafè Society, Jaume Collet-Serra’s The Shallows and Marc Forster’s All I See Is You.

Updates currently remain pending for Cassavettes’s October 2015 directing hire, a forthcoming remake of Road House which last had Ronda Rousey starring.

Brusied rolls cameras beginning in September...

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What does the Fox say?
Staff member
Feb 15, 2022
I come from the Cynthia Rothrock generation. I remember everybody got really excited when saw this little lady kicking butt! Because of her, I give extra points for MMA flicks with female leads.
Jul 20, 2006
I remember the role ends up with Halle Berry now.Halle Berry deserves a lot of respect because she doesn't appear to be trying to be the "beautiful girl" that everyone thinks she is. Her efforts to prove that she is more than simply a lovely face appear sincere. You must regard that.