Black Windscale vest and hat


Just a passing-by Kamen Rider...
Looking to acquire myself one of those black Windscale vests and hat that Shotaro wears on the show. But considering that the series is over for 2 years now and Bandai Fashion is no longer selling them, I was wondering if anyone here is selling them or if anyone here can recommend me a seller who is?


Back in Black
Dude, I came here because I thought that you were selling them.

The [BUYING] Tag doesn't appear here. :disappoin

I don't think that anyone is actively selling them, but you might be able to get someone to make a replica.

Edit: I think the guys who would do it are Custom Heroes, but I don't think that they ever made that pattern. I mean that for the vest. The fedora can be stitched at a location that specializes in that. It probably will cost more than the actual fedora.


Just a passing-by Kamen Rider...
Hmmm... You are right. The tag doesn't show up sometimes.

I guess a replica is fine since its near impossible to buy it. Do you have the website for these "Custom Heroes" guys? I can make do without the hat but the vest is more a priority.


Just a passing-by Kamen Rider...
Thanks. I really appreciate it. I will try to find more people for a group order if it comes down to it.

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