Black Adam stars Dwayne “The Rock” John as he play the role of Shazam‘s arch-nemesis.  People who grew up reading DC comics knew Black Adam as a Super Villain. In Cartoons, he is also not a good guy, but this spin-off is a prequel before he becomes corrupted by greed for power. DCEU is currently dealing with controversial actors like Ezra Miller and Amber Heard getting canceled, but I won’t worry about this film because  “The Rock” has a cleaner reputation and barely had a scandal. His portrayal in the Trailer is heroic, so I wonder if his eventual heel turn will be in this movie.
Fans of Legends of Tomorrow are still mourning its cancellation. We can see some characters from that show make an appearance but are played by different actors...

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I'm already enjoying it and believe it will reintroduce DC to the cinematic world. I really want him to become bad, but I'm guessing he'll start off as a "hero" before eventually becoming a villain. Okay, when I first heard The Rock was going to play Black Adam, I was scared he'd be cracking jokes the entire time, utterly changing the character's persona. I expected it to be virtually indistinguishable from Shazam. However, based on this trailer, it appears that they are paying close attention to Black Adam's demeanor and original story, with the "humor" coming more from the other characters.


This looks intriguing; I just hope he doesn't wind up as a hero; I'd like to see the Rock not be the hero for once just because he's universally beloved. The last time I saw him as a bad guy in The Mummy: Returns and during his WWE heel run.


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I appreciate how you can't determine whether he's the good guy or the bad guy. I just hope they don't change their minds at the last minute and make him the hero. I prefer morally ambiguous people who solely care about themselves and aren't out to ruin or conquer the world. The Rock, in my opinion, is an excellent choice for the role of Black Adam. Dwayne, The Rock Johnson, perfectly fits the character, and if DC truly wants to save the DCEU, there is no one better than him to accomplish so. I'm looking forward to seeing this.


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I am speechless because it looks epic. I am out of words! I cant wait to see Black Adam and Shazam to Duke it out but I will watch this movie first.


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Since 2007, The Rock has been linked to the character, asking fans to vote on whether he should portray Black Adam or Shazam. Then, in 2014, he was cast as Black Adam, a role he has held since the film was handed around to many directors and writers. It shows how invested he is in part, and he's coming along nicely so far. Imagine the patience he has to get this character on screen. Most actors will give up on a role if they can't get it in a few months. His daughter was a little girl when he was in consideration for the role. Now His Daughter is making her WWE debut as a wrestler.


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He doesn't look like Black Adam, he looks like Lex Luthor. He should have worn a wig,

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