Birds like us- How did this movie managed to afford award winning actors?

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Birds like us is an animated film from Lion’s Gate that looks like a straight to DVD animated Mockbuster. It has an all-star cast of actors! It stars Jeremy Irons, Khalid Abdalla, Jim Broadbent and Alicia Vikander:. I have nothing against low-budget animated films because I enjoyed a lot of them but this one is from a mainstream movie studio.
Why do they have PS2 rendered graphics cutscenes as animation? Something is unsettling with the way these birds look. They should have compensated for the lack of budget with cute characters.  Lion’s gate could have tried polishing the character models just like how old videogames got remastered in HD. I can see Youtube influencer Saberspark giving this a chance because he likes low-budget animations.
I made some research about this film. This is Bosnia’s first full-length animated movie but it is from 2017.  It is a labor...

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