General Discussion Best thing to do at christmas while at home

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One of the things l like to do at christmas is go to my mums were l can get stuffed with food and alcohol! and then l go home and sleep, what's your thing to do?
It is a good day to spend some quality time with my parents while I am at home on Christmas day. I usually read my books and write forum posts on that day, which I can have some quieter time for myself.


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Sounds like we have something in common! I love heading to my mom's house, eating until I can't move and drinking wine until we are all laughing and falling down!


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My family doesn't celebrate christmas, but we have a tradition! Every year when christmas eve arrives we go get stuffed at a chinese food restaurant. We just love eating chinese food! So christmas is another good excuse for getting stuffed. I think we will go to a totally different buffet this year, too bad I can no longer eat a lot; my appetite is shrinking each month, it seems!

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