Best Song from the 86' Transformers Movie

[ame=""]The Touch[/ame]

[ame=""]Transformers Theme[/ame]


[ame=""]Dare to be Stupid[/ame]


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I pretty much like the entire soundtrack but I really love the opening theme by Lion. It's just damn cool how they took something that started as basically a toy jingle and not only rock it out but to flesh it out to full lyrics in a way that's totally fitting for the story. "The battle's over but the war has just begun/and this way it will remain/til the day when all are one!" :buttrock:

I actually like Dare a bit more than You Got The Touch as a song. At the same time though when you put that song in the context of Prime rolling in to turn the tide of the worst battle the Autobots had ever faced, that's just straight up hero style.

..and Dare To Be Stupid is just fun and hilariously fitting for the Junkions as well as being a Devo parody so brilliant the guys from Devo were envious of it.

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