Best Sentai Final Villain of the Decade?

Y'know, I have my problems with Magiranger, but I have to cast my vote in for N Ma. N Ma brought the power, both by proxy and directly.

When he wasn't active, he had a legion of worshippers who never failed to make me think the the Magis were always just scraping by by the skin of their teeth, awesome courageous power be damned. Doubly so when the Hell Gods started wreaking havoc in his name.

Then he woke up and what he did to the Magis then was just... my mouth was gaping the whole time. I was fearful. For an episode's worth of time, he basically made it so the rest of the season up to that point didn't matter anymore.

Even the crap way he went out in the end doesn't cancel that out for me.
Sphinx beats them all. She's not a final villain, but not only does she kick ass... SHE IS SEXY...:thumbs:

...someone hit me in the head, please.
I would've voted for Long. But meh, he's not on the poll. :redface2:

So instead, I'll vote for Gien. A character who just goes completely insane, and nearly destroys the 21st century. :) The other villains on the poll weren't nearly as fleshed out as Gien in my opinion. :p


Burajira was interesting because throughout the whole series, he was always The Dragon but then it's revealed that he's the strongest of the villains in Goseiger..
I haven't finished Geki yet but Long's face kinda bothers me.


Dokuku. He was pretty dormant for the entire series just plotting his revenge and when he finally showed up he kicked major ass.

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