Best Kotaro Minami Battle Suit

RX because of the Ribolcane and the fact that it looks like an update of Ichigo's suit

Black technically is more powerful simply because he only needed 2 attacks

Red Abyss

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Ribocane slices THROUGH an enemy, and he does it while holding on to them, making it all the more badass and cool.


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I voted for Black even though I would change that hamburger meat effect on his arms and legs. RX is nice and sleek but I always thought the neck was too thick and I never liked the belt.
I prefer Black the suit because it is actually coloredBlack I never liked the Black RX suit mainly because the suit is mostly colored Green which made it pointless to still refer to him as Black. I also like biorider's design and i like his ability to turn into a liquid whenever he is in a tight space:anime:

Black Ranger RX

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Hmm, now that's a hard one because I think they all look cool.

Y'know what? Because it's gonna be hard to decide, I'll pick BLACK simply because he has the most votes.


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Check the avatar, i would've picked Black if not for the wierd hamburger patties on his arms and legs.


i grew up with RX, so it has my vote. and i love it when RX does that sweeping motion with his hands right after he henshins. kamen rider black r x!