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What's the best concert you've ever been to?

My favorite concert was two years ago I went to see Florida Georgia Line and Luke Bryan with my best friend and her parents. It was so much fun! I've never been to a huge concert like that and I was surprised to see that Luke Bryan was playing for like almost two hours! It was incredible!


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Love this forum because I get to hear about the differences from UK over to USA and others and makes me go and have a look up of music that I have not heard of or might not hit the UK in the same way as elsewhere.
I go to a lot of gigs/concerts/festivals. My favourite probably had to be Oasis playing Knebworth outdoors, here in the UK. However bringing myself up to date a bit more, it would have the be Kasabian when they played their home town on Summer Solstice this year. Epic.


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I went to go see Deadmau5 last May and it was an amazing concert. The atmosphere and experience was amazing. I really enjoyed it as it was my first concert in a couple years.


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JohnnyHopkins, I would love to see Deamau5! He is one of the first djs I listened to when initially finding electronic music. I imagine he'd put on an amazing show; he seems to care about his fans.

I do not listen to them anymore, but My Chemical Romance is probably the best show I went to. This has a lot to do with the fact it was my first legitimate concert. I was a freshman in high school at the time; and not only that but an overly enthusiastic fan girl as well. The show was wild. The band threw all their energy into putting on a good performance.


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I'd say, Green Day concerts were my favorite. I like to recall the one with Anti-Flag opening for them (and then Jimmy Eat World maybe), but all of them really were fun. It used to be a thing between my friend and me -- even as we grew apart, if Green Day was playing somewhere around, we went to see them. So I always look back with happiness on those times. Also, I still love their music now, even if I don't listen to it much anymore.

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