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Nice post!!
The original Batman being present would've made this vote hard. That flick includes some screamingly funny bits of parody.

It's also nothing like the idea of a "Batman movie" that Batman '89 introduced. So it'd be much harder to compare to Batman '89's various successors.

(Well, you could compare it to the Schumacher flicks, but those movies look bad enough to most people already.)



Need I say more?



has left HJU. Not coming back.

-Batman (1966)
-Batman (1989)
-Batman Returns (1992)
-Batman Forever (1995) (Close enough, different director but it was decent)
-Batman Begins
-The Dark Knight
-Batman: Mask of the Phantasm
-Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker

I loved them all, but The Dark Knight wins. :)

**** Frank Miller. **** All*Star Batman and Robin.


Nice post!!
I have to admit, just because of my age, when I think "The Joker" I think "Mark Hamill." Which may be why the Joker-centric Batman movies don't do too much for me as an adult.

Batman '89 was mind-blowing when it came out, though. Superhero movies meant a lot more when you didn't get half a dozen a year.


I liked everything, including the cartoon Mask of Phantasm... FK, you should have had an option for all of the movies.

But I guess I have to stick to Dark Knight coz of Ledger.


Hey, Super Mario Bros was an awesome movie, damn your hides. :/

And... I had to go with Begins. While the first Burton Batman was a very good movie, I never really fully bought Keaton as Batman.

And while Mask of the Phantasm is also incredibly good, it feels out of place on this list. Really, there have been enough animated Batman movies at this point, it could probably have a list of its own.

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