Ben Affleck to play new Batman in Man of Steel Sequel

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So what are your thoughts on this? I'm not sure Ben Affleck is up to the superhero role that batman deserves, after seeing Christian Bale as the most amazing Batman ever, I find it hard to look at Affleck as his successor, the only movie I remember to see with affleck and him being a superhero of some sort was daredevil, and despite many of the critics found it terrible, I didn't find it that bad overall, but batman might be way too much for affleck, let's hope that I'm wrong.



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I want to care a lot more than I do... but, honestly, I got very tired of Christian Bale barking his lines and I couldn't understand much of what Bane was saying in the last film. I also largely disliked the last Superman film. So, why not? The worst thing I can say about Ben Affleck at the moment is that he doesn't lose himself in any role. He's always Ben Affleck.


Let's give Ben Affleck a chance. I did not like the Daredevil movie but that doesn't meant that he would suck at Batman either. Yes, I already got used to Christian Bale as Batman and it would be hard to see another man in a suit. But hey, that's how I felt with Spiderman too.


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I'm happy Affleck is only playing Batman in the Superman movie and not as Bale's replacement. I can concede he can do a second-fiddle Batman to Supes but for the real Batman I cast my vote for someone like Clive Owen because he can do dark.