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"Let's DRIVING!!!!!"'s been a while since anyone has ever talked about this series and seeing as though nobody has ever thought this idea before, I figured that I should probably get to it anyways.

Saban's "Beetleborgs" was yet another "Power Rangers"-esque series next to V.R. Troopers and unlike V.R. Troopers where it's basically adapting three separate Metal Heroes shows and splicing the scenes together, this series just took two different beetle-themed Metal Heroes shows and just give them their own continuation unlike their respective counterparts; "Juukou B-Fighter" and "B-Fighter Kabuto" which were still tied-in together, but the suits were worn by different sets of people and had their own stories.

But, enough about that!!! Let's get to what everybody really wants to do on this thread.

So, anyways, I just finished watching Beetleborgs Metallix and well....I actually thought it was pretty good. I mean, it could've better if it had lasted for at least maybe two or three more episodes. But, oh well....I guess it was for the best since Saban ran out of stock footages of B-Fighter Kabuto to be adapted into more episodes. Still, could've been longer.

Now, I'm sure that for anyone who wants to know what my actual honest opinions for Big Bad Beetleborgs are, click here on this link:

And I'm only going to say this once and I'm not going to repeat myself again....Big Bad Beetleborgs (season one) is just kind of boring. Mostly because of the villains. I'm sorry, but the Magnavores were just too freaking tedious, uninteresting and well...very annoying. Never in my life even as a kid, did I really look at those characters as actual threats to the Beetleborgs. The character that really should've been the main villain of season one is sadly...Shadowborg since he looked more interesting as a threatening character and he could've given the beetleborgs a better challenge. But, sadly...he didn't last very long.

Now onto Beetleborgs Metallix....that was the much better version of Big Bad Beetleborgs that I personally wished should've gotten its' own series and probably break away from the events of the last season or maybe just give the original Beetleborgs suits to different characters and have the actual team be the new beetleborgs. But, that's just me. The villains of this season, the Crustaceans are actually more intimidating to watch and they barely say or do anything stupid that would have the Beetleborgs foil their plans so easily. Les Fortunes was actually a pretty good character. I mean, I used to think that he was creepy, but in actuality, he really did serve as more of the real brains behind the Crustaceans' arsenals and operations while Nukus, Vilor and Horri-Belle take all the credit for themselves. Then you have...the Mantrons. Ah yes, the Mantrons. Yet another batch of secondary, interesting side villains that I've wished had lasted for at least another episode or two. But again, due to the amount of stock footages from B-Fighter Kabuto running out, I guess, this is what we have to deal with at the time this show was released.

Now, let's talk more about the heroes. First off! The Beetleborgs....
Drew was actually an interesting character, but, I think he lacked good mentor character that would have taught him everything that he needed to know about being a leader of the group. But, hey! He's just a kid, so, I can't say anything bad about him since, well...he's not like Justin from Power Rangers Turbo or Mora from Power Rangers SPD. Roland was my least favorite character in the past, but now...he's actually starting to become my most favorite out of all three main beetleborgs. And, I guess, I could say that he's probably more active than the trio. Jo was okay. But, I don't quite understand why they had to replace her first actress with a different one. Maybe it's because her parents demanded more money or maybe she just wanted to quit being a child actress and just wanna go back to be a normal child. Who knows?!
Josh was trying to be more like a "Sixth Power Ranger" character in the first season, but....he was pretty weak as a character.

The Astroborgs were actually a lot better to watch than Josh as ally characters since well, they do have a better backstory and unlike Josh, they look like they could easily serve as useful allies whenever they're not basically there to just hand the Beetleborgs their new toys left and right. Still, I would've like it even better if they did kept their promise and showed up for one last battle. Maybe in the final battle of "Mega Borg Power". But what made their characters interesting to watch was the "Lost Comic" story arc and Roboborg's debut battle.

Next up....the supporting characters!
Roland's family was alright, but I actually did enjoy watching Nano Williams a lot more than Roland's parents. Drew's crush, Heather is..."Meh!" for me. The two rich kids from season one, Trip and Van...yeah, I'm sorry but I keep forgetting that they were even in this show everytime they show up. But, thank god that they were never brought back or were ever mentioned again in season two. Art Fortunes is...."so-so!" He's like a kookier version of Stan Lee, but hey! He's only around when the plot demands it. The Hillhurst monsters weren't really that fun to watch in season one since they pretty much the same repetitive gag over and over and over again. But, they've gotten better in season two, especially since Little Ghoul showed up. That's when they actually did become a lot more interesting to watch and laugh whenever they do their own comedic shtick. Flabber was pretty annoying in the first season, but in the second season...he kind of did warmed up a bit and of course, since he's basically, the "mentor" character of the show, he's sort like a mix between Jay Leno, Robin Williams as the Genie from Disney's Aladdin and a bit more conservative than Zordon. Not that I'm saying that Zordon is a bad mentor character, and he's not!! It's just that Flabber was a lot more active and more agile in season two.

Overall, as a full series, Beetleborgs pretty much started off too slow in the first season, but it did started to speed up and get much better once season two began. Of course, I would only stick with Beetleborgs Metallix as being the definite version of the Beetleborgs franchise than the first season, but that's just my opinion.

Well, I think I've rambled on about my thoughts on the show for too long. But, I wanna know what you guys think of Beetleborgs as a full series? Did you liked it? Did you hated it? What were your favorite moments or least favorite moments in the show?

Let me know....


Did you expect people to argue with you that Big Bad Beatleborgs was a bad show? I really don't think anyone will. I never saw Metalilx, but I can see how they could have fixed it. I think when I was a kid and this show was on, I gave it a few weeks or months, then tuned out, mostly due to the comic relief not being funny, and the kids being kind of lame (probably due to acting). Strangely, I remember really liking VR Troopers.


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VR Troopers and Beetleborgs were "experimental" to say the least and that's why most people like them.

What VRT had working for them was a secondary story in regards to the main character that took place from the beginning to early Season 2. In addition, since it was syndication, that show could be as violent as it wanted to be. They could've cut all the violent parts like decapitation and splitting monsters in half; surprisingly, it was left in. Furthermore, the foot soldiers were really menacing. The Skugs weren't really push overs compared to many PR grunts. Grimlord's Cyborg Mutant Army weren't a bunch of idiots; some legitimately threatening.

As for Beetleborgs, they could've easily copied B-Fighter, but didn't. Instead, they went the "Kid Hero" route, even after the Justin/Blue Turbo Ranger fiasco; Saban was willing to trying again; they essentially pulled a full 180 with B-Fighter. Combined the homages to 60s Batman (at the time, I didn't know Ninja Sentai Kakuranger did this as well) and the Universal Monsters (and Monster Squad) for that matter. "Curse of the Shadowborg" (Season 1) and "The Lost Comic" (Season 2) were of course the stand out stories of the series. Some of the turn offs include the changing of the Jo McCormick character, Flabber (then again, B-Fighter having Beetle Elder, its hit or miss), and the ending of the series, which there was none. Based on the interview a while back, it seems that Saban was trying to pursue Kabutack for Season 3; dunno, how'd that turn out. The Hillhurst Monsters, I actually like them. Along with Jeb from VRT; even though they were depicted as the comedy relief, they were useful and not useless like Alpha 5...compared to a certain sidekick to a certain Edenite...who shall not be named.

If Saban does decide to go back to either series or create a new one...I hope he's not stupid about it. I can see Gavan Type G and the other New Generation Space Sheriff being a back drop for a new team of VR Troopers.

Just to note, Saban cannot not use these series for his next non-PR series...

The entire Showa Era Kamen Riders (except for Shin, though they might as well have)


Juuko B-Fighter
B-Fighter Kabuto

PS: I really hope they don't turn Jiraiya into a VR Trooper or Beetleborg when Power Rangers Ninja Steel comes around.


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I don't think they would even bother touching on the Jiraiya tribute episode of Ninninger, once Ninja Steel comes around.

Think Saban should do Masked Rider again? Without killing off an entire era this time? I'm mean Saban is doing PreCu...err...Glitter Force...Nick needs a "Super Hero Time"


Beetleborgs was good for its time, but its time is over, although I wouldn't mind a Beetleborgs concluding mini-series. :coolshades:


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Beetleborgs was good for its time, but its time is over, although I wouldn't mind a Beetleborgs concluding mini-series. :coolshades:

I can see Rescue Force being a new stand alone series despite being Takara. Same goes for the Chouseishin Series...even though time has had several characters to play with. Despite Beetleborgs' time passing...VR, with Gavan Type can film new stuff. I can see the New Generation Space Sheriffs being dimensional jumpers like Stargate.

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