Beef, A Netflix and A24 collaboration

Madeline Everleigh

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<p>Beef is coming to Netflix on April 6, and it’s not about the meat of cattle; we are talking about the other meaning of the word. It stars talented stand-up comedian Ali Wong and Minari, Walking Dead, and Invincible star Steven Yeun.</p>


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A24 never ceases to amaze me with their out-of-the-box ideas, and 'Beef' is no exception. I'm curious to see how this popular movie production company transitions to television, especially with a show that sounds as unique as this one. Count me in!


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I think they will try to make the audience side with one of the two main characters. They will be given complex personalities so people will see sympathetic sides of both. None of them is villain but the audience will choose a side.


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Ali Wong and Steven Yeun on the same screen? Sign me up! When I first heard about 'Beef', I thought it was going to be a cooking show. But after learning it's a gripping drama starring Ali Wong and Steven Yeun, I can't wait to sink my teeth into it. Pun intended.


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I'm so pumped about this show. Since I read the synopsis and saw Steven Yeun and Ali Wong, I've been incredibly excited about this show. Tears, disorder, mess, drama, pettiness, gloomy humor, and some existentially philosophical heart are what I'm expecting. The most complicated plots aren't always the best. Ali Wong seems to have more money and is more Karenish type, but I'm not sure if that makes me biased against her or Steven.

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