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Little Neuron LLC has announced their sandbox RPG Robo Legend will be ready for play this November on Steam.
You’ve just arrived in the Wild West villa of Gear City. You’re one of those newfangled bots with free will and are free to do whatever you want. And there is plenty to do — fish, socialize, take on quests, collect weapons, refine existing weapons, etc. Outside of town the game becomes a twin-stick shooter, with various biomes to explore that teem with enemy bots.
There’s a bigger conflict at play here — the evil Voidbot is attempting to assemble an army to take over Gear City. Will you defeat him and save the town? Or will you take his place and terrorize everyone yourself? The game will let you do it, but if you do, how will you sleep at night?

Be Good or Evil – Your choices, your actions, your Legend!
Discover 10 different endings – Based on the paths you decide to take.
Explore 7 biome areas – From swamps to frozen lands, and hidden areas

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What does the Fox say?
Out of the choice between Good and Evil, of course, I'm going to be Good. But I'm still going to collect a lot of powerful weapons. I'm Good but I'm realistic. LOL.