BECKY 2: Wrath of Becky! She'll stop at nothing to get her dog back, Hell Hath No Fury like a 16 year old scorned

Seth Larson

BECKY 2: Wrath of Becky!, the sequel to the cult movie, is set to hit theaters this year. Poetic justice dictates that it will have a wider reach because theaters are back. Mainstream companies refused to release motion pictures during the pandemic’s height in 2020. However, Becky was one of the few brave enough to have a theatrical release and made $1,045,873 at the box office.

That earnings sound low, but it is considered high during that time. People risked their lives to go to theaters during a pandemic with no vaccine yet. Nevertheless, the theatrical earnings were not enough to break even. Fortunately, the home release garnered enough fans and a cult following to make a sequel happen, as home video is in demand, including streaming and DVD/Blu-ray.


In BECKY 2: Wrath of Becky(Lulu Wilson), The young Survivalist is now living a more normal life. She finds a new family with her new guardian, Elena. Her Beloved Dog, Diego is still alive and Kicking. After all the counseling from what she had been through when she was 13, finally finds her peace. The peace she enjoys is only temporary as a new threat called “The Noble Men” attacked her found family. To Make it worst they kidnapped her (beloved dog). Now she is about to “John Wick” the hell out of those people. She will have to go back to savagery to make these people pay.


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This is the most realistic female protagonist action movies ever because lets me honest in real life no way a woman can overpower men in Physical strength like Charlie's Angels movies. The protagonist of this movie is a little girl but she doesn't use physical strength to defeat the bad guys. She uses, Strategy, Stealth traps. She is able to beat those grown men with weapons and tactics.


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Back 2020, I watched this in theaters and there is only like 8 of us and all of us where jumping and screaming from excitement. The movie will make you want to root for Becky. Now this sequel looks like she has more experience.


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I'm actually interested in seeing the first film after reading this article. Although I had never heard of it before, the fact that it was released in theaters at the height of the pandemic is impressive. Even more intriguing is the fact that it became a cult classic. The plot of the sequel also sounds intriguing, and I'm curious how it all began. I'll undoubtedly see Becky before it's sequel hits theaters.


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Cool! It's amazing to see how Becky has developed a cult following since its home release. It just goes to show how much people crave new content, even during difficult times. I'm excited to see the sequel, and I have a feeling it's going to be even more intense than the first


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I remember watching Becky at home during the pandemic and being blown away by Lulu Wilson's performance. There is only three of us in the theater. Me and a couple who is making out. I am the only one who focused on the movie. 🤣


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There is a videogame back in ps1 era called deception and it is about a helpless girl defeating the goons and villains with traps. This movie reminds me of that,

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