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It crashed and burned last spring, much like a vampire trying to become a bat for the first time, but Morbius has had a weird second life on social media. “Fans” have repeatedly screened Jared Leto’s fanged antihero over and over on Twitch accounts and memed the flick’s two-faced poster endless times. So in response, Sony has agreed to put Morbius back on the big screen for a limited time, even though it’s available now on home formats.
The thing I hope Sony understands, even though they probably don’t, is that Morbius didn’t become popular because it’s good. It’s popular because people love to rag on it. It’s universally agreed upon that the movie is terrible and its existence is one big joke on itself. It’s the end product of Sony’s stranglehold on the third-tier characters of the Spider-Man corner of the Marvel Universe, and it’s a shallow attempt to capitalize on what they own by technicality.
It’s unknown if Morbius’ adoring public will turn out for this, but similar products...

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This movie will be turned into a trilogy by the internet. I really hope it gets a second opportunity because it proves that grassroots organizing works.


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We'll all go see this movie because of the legendary line "IT'S MORBIN TIME," and we can't wait for the morbiverse of madness sequel. In my opinion, if Sony wants to make a lot of money off of Morbious, they should embrace the memes and develop an even more ridiculous sequel.


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Nonetheless, the film was not as awful as some critics claimed. Spiderman should appear in every Spiderverse film. It is, nevertheless, a good film.
Hopefully, unlike Venom 2, the sequel improves. Morbius isn't as horrible as everyone make it out to be. It's not perfect, but it's not as horrible as people portray it.


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As one of the People who posted Morbious memes, I felt like I created a monster. I was ridiculing the movie, I never expected the memes will make a cult following.


The Power of memes never ceases to amaze me. A movie considered failure by the box office is given a second chance in life. I love redemption stories and I want this movie to succeed so more movies will have their second chance too.

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