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Beast is an upcoming natural Horror movie presented by Universal Pictures.
Imagine yourself driving in the African Safari when suddenly your cat got broken. You will either die from dehydration from the sun’s high temperatures, or you will end up as the next meal of The King of the Jungle. Natural Horror like Jaws, Revenant, Lake Placid, and Cujo shows the dangers of Animals. Now it’s the turn of the Cat family to show How dangerous they are. Beasts show how helpless we humans are compared to lions. The Last time there was a horror movie about Lions with Ghost of the Darkness. Which was way back in the 90s.
Beast official Trailer

Dr. Nate Samuels(Idris Elba) wants to go through a healing process after his wife’s death. He decided to go back to South...

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I don't like Natural horror genre because it villanizes wild animals. People will rather not preserve them if they are portrayed this way.


Finally, another scary film featuring lions as villains. Movies these days loves portraying lions as cute kitties. Making people forget they are an Apex predator!


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Idris Elba not being Bond is a blessing in disguise because he keeps on getting diverse roles that are not one note.