BattleRoyale-MOBA-RPG hybrid Hunter’s Arena: Legends starts closed beta sign-ups

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A second closed beta testing phase has been confirmed for Hunter’s Arena: Legends, the highly anticipated hybrid of battle royale, MOBA and Action RPG from breakout Korean studio Mantisco. The second wave of testing begins on April 22, and sign-ups are now open here: The game is coming to Steam Early Access later this year.
View the trailer below:

The second closed beta testing phase will be held across three regions: North America, Europe, and Asia, and will run for 5 days from Apr 22 to Apr 26. Sign-ups for Steam keys will be available on the official website, starting today:
In preparation for the second closed beta test, Mantisco have implemented changes based on player feedback from the previous CBT. The new version now includes in-game guides and...

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