Battlefield V: Into The Jungle DLC Launches February 6

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The sixth chapter of Battlefield V’s DLC campaign is about to hit, and today, DICE gave us a trailer and a lot of new information.
This new chapter, Into The Jungle, takes place on the Solomon Islands between the US and Japanese armies. It adds a lot of good gear to the game, which you can get by climbing Chapter Rank or winning Weekly Challenges
If you fight valiantly within this jungle, you’ll be able to unlock three new weapons (the Type 11 LMG, Model 37 shotgun, M2 Carbine) and two deadly gadgets (M1A1 Bazooka, Lunge Mine Gadget) through Chapter Rewards. Into The Jungle also adds three new elites to the gameL assault specialist Misaki Yamashiro, which can be gained as a Chapter Reward, and pilots pilot Steve Fisher and Akira Sakamoto, who are paid add-ons.
If the Lunge Mine is in any way accurate to its historical means of activation, you may not want to actually use it. It was a mine tied to the end of a stick that the Japanese used to suicide-bomb American army vehicles and...

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