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It’s the future. Batman is old and retired. But in his absence, Gotham has decayed into a crime-infested cesspool, and Bruce decides he must suit up one more time. That’s the basic plot behind The Dark Knight Returns, one of the greatest Bat-stories ever told. And in 2021 you’ll be able to live it, as Cryptozoic introduces Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Board Game. But if you want a copy, you’ll have to hurry. The Kickstarter campaign went live on January 31 and expires in less than two days.
Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Board Game was designed by Daryl Andrews (Sagrada) and Morgan Dontanville (Asgard’s Chosen). Here’s how the game is played: as Batman, you take on missions to beat down your old foes (as well as some new ones — and yes, you get the chance to fight Superman). Or, you can choose the “gauntlet” format where you whale against the whole rogue’s gallery in one marathon. It’s a solo...

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