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There had been so many animated incarnations of Batman. Unfortunately, none of them is Iconic as the one from the 90s because the predecessors and successors are not good. When Batman animated series concluded there has been attempts to recapture the magic. Until now I am having PTSD just thinking about “Brave and the Bold” So what makes BTAS special to the fans? Well it made the villains very sympathetic. A character like Mr. Freeze was a typical cheesy villain who is evil for the sake of being evil. His 90s incarnation is a man trying to save the life of his dying wife and crime is his last resort to find the cure.
The depth of the characters regardless of their alignment is one of the strong points of BTAS.
I am sure Some of you are enjoying the live action incarnations of Harley Quinn but she won’t be existing without Batman: The Animated...

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