Batman Beyond Season 2/Justice League Unlimited Season 1


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Batman Beyond Season 2/Justice League Unlimited Season 1 DVD

Batman Beyond - The Complete 2nd Season is coming to DVD, as a 4-disc set! Get all 26 episodes, plus special features that include:

  • Creator's Commentary on 2 Key Episodes
  • Inside Batman Beyond: The Panel - In - Dialogue with the Show's Creator

Your cost for this is $44.98 SRP, and it swings into action on October 24th! Stay tuned for cover art. In the meantime, here's Warner's description:

Des the suit make the man, or des the man make the suit? That's the question Terry McGinnis asks himself each time he takes flight over the crime-ridden streets of Gotham City. As the new Batman, Terry has all the high-tech gear and gadgets he needs, plus Bruce Wayne's rescearch skills and instincts. But this impetuous teenager is still a newcomer to the crime world, lacking his mentor's experience. Taking down criminals like The Jokerz, Shriek and Curare is a grueling battle of wits and will require a hero's abilities. But with each fight won and each victim saved, Terry grows more confident in his role as Gotham's guardian. Experience all the suspense and excitement of 26 gripping adventures in a 4-disc collection featuring the fiendish villains of the city's gritty future - and the one hero who can stop them.​

Power up! The Justice League gets lots more power as they go unlimited! In it's 3rd season, Cartoon Network's Justice League series morphed into Justice League Unlimited, adding many more of the superheroes from the DC Comics universe. The first season of this version of the show is coming to DVD on October 24th, as a 4-disc set. $44.98 SRP includes 26 episodes with over 10 hours of DC Comics legendary superheroes, and these special features:

* And Justice for All: The Process of Revamping the Series with New Characters and a New Creative Direction.
* Themes of Justice: Choose Your Favorite JLU Musical Theme Audio Tracks.
* Creators' Commentary on "This Little Piggy" and 'The Return".

Stay tuned for box art. For now, here is Warner's description of the set:

Too much power, some think. From their Watchtower in space, the Justice League - Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern and J'onn J'onzz - floats above Earth, with countless new members including Green Arrow, Supergirl and Captain Atom. Their combined powers are awesome. And although these superheroes fight crime, eradicate evil and save the world over and over again, a conspiracy against them is growing. Led by the government, funded by Lex Luthor and fueled by a hidden enemy, Cadmus is born. The mission: to take down the Justice League. It's 26 episodes of action, intrigue and excitement in a 4-disc collection that any superhero fan should own! Plus, don't miss the shocking Epilogue that reveals the legacy of Batman!​


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CHiLL said:
*marks october 24 on calender* Thanks.:thumbs:

*Does the same*

It's gonna be an expensive week with the Superman Returns movie and Videogame coming out on Oct. 31st.


has left HJU. Not coming back.

I really hope the BB 2nd season set has more features than that because well... I wasn't quite satisfied with the extras on the season 1 set.

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