Balenciaga is controversial right now

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Balenciaga is often seen as a sign of wealth and success. It is a status symbol brand/ Their clothes are worn by famous people and other wealthy people. I had heard song lyrics that said wearing Balenciaga was like wearing Gucci or Chanel. This comparison was made because Balenciaga is also a high-end brand of clothes. Their prices for the things they sell are way too high. I have my doubts about whether or not famous people will still want to be linked to this brand in the future.

On their website, there are photos of children that are very scary to look at. The company’s marketing campaigns for children’s clothing use images from S&M. Sadomasochism is the last thing I would want my young children to be connected to as a parent. The Teddy Bears in the photo shoots are dressed in leather outfits that are meant to be sexual.
I was about to Admire this brand when they cut ties with Kanye after he made his anti-semitic  statements. Well they are even much more worst. If controversial...

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A book on the set was also used by the photographer to make a reference to a painter. The painter shows naked kids in disturbing scenes, and some of the kids look like they've been cut up. They also discovered a tweet written by the photographer in which they asked, "if child porn is illegal, then why aren't guns?" This is a really disturbing situation, and Balenciaga is reprehensible. And the young girls who were used as models were children. There is no question that someone from that group needs to be taken into custody and looked into. The worst thing ever. The parents who allowed their children to participate in this depravity need to be held accountable as well!


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I'm surprised that no one has mentioned that the ad also shows the child at what looks like the morning after an adult party, with empty wine glasses and a messy room. One cup has a straw, which makes it look like it was the cup the child drank from. Also the other photo shows the child on a bed. Everything about these photos is suggestive. The only thing you notice at first are the stuffed animals. I feel bad for the kids who were used as models in these pictures. The ad shows that the company strongly backs sexualizing kids. This is very important. So sad that it took mainstream media this long to talk about it. I can't believe you guys aren't angry about what we saw.

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It's not just the bondage bears. There's other subtle references to child abuse. They never should have put that out. You want to do sexual art, do it at an adult gallery, go ahead. Putting children in it makes it child pornography. Yes, there are ads with teen girls who are very sexualized, but those were very young children who had just finished nursery school. Who the hell approved that ad campaign?


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What a mess we people are in!!!Where are the kids' parents? Where are the services to protect children? These kids are being PAID to be models, but where are the child agents? All of these people, including the brand, are to blame, and they should be held accountable. Balenciaga has removed all of the posts from its Instagram account. And their story about why they were sorry ran out. The CEO tried to blame the photographer. But the photographer came out and said that he only took the photos and that everything else was already set up.


Balenciaga should go out of business because this is disgusting. What's most disturbing are the parents who let their children model for Balenciaga and take part in this sickness. Luckily I never bought any of their products, but I certainly won't do that in the future either.This is honestly terrifying. Even though the teddy bear is bad enough, the Supreme Court document really puts an end to it. This is TERRIBLE! I feel genuinely so uncomfortable. I feel like the elites are now showing off to everyone.


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If you ever needed proof of how disgusting the fashion industry is. We just have one of the million examples.This warrants an investigation, but sadly we all know there won't be one. At least they showed everyone how bad they were. I'm all for people being able to say what they want, but this goes too far. Chris Hansen, where are you when we need you? These people are ridiculous and out of touch… don’t accept their apology; cancel them! boycott all of their products like what people did to that racist company Abercrombie and fitch.


If you're not pissed off about what's going on with our children then you are the problem. This is very serious and very real. We need to have these physcopaths investigated and thrown in prison.This is beyond horrible. If these rotten people are getting away with this kind of crime and authorities are aware of it,why can't it be stopped by locking them up and have them held accountable. In this horrible act of abuse, you don't touch children. When they are caught, put them in a cell for the rest of their lives. Not escape, no letting these low life demented minds running around free to commit this immoral act.