Back4Blood, a spiritual successor for Left 4 Dead made by the original team

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The trailer for Back 4 Blood is revealed on the Game awards.

Fans had been wanting a Left 4 Dead 3, but we never had it. Valve doesn’t seem to have any plans to make a sequel soon. There is a demand, but Valve has other priorities. Also, the original team that made the game already left the company.
This year we had a DLC for the PC version, which is The Last Stand. It is a fan-made DLC released with the blessing of Valve.  It is a community creation but Valve approved to make it an official release. I admire that Valve allowed this community creation becomes official because other companies will make a cease to decease order.

 Bill from the first game appeared as a guest DLC character for Dead by Daylight. On that Game Bill cannot use guns to defend himself.

The original team that made Left4dead is currently working on Back4blood. Turtle rock is the company that made this game. The team is composed of the Original Left 4 Dead team.

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