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It’s considered one of the finest movie trilogies ever made. It cemented Michael J. Fox as a star, launched Chrstopher Lloyd’s career and is pretty much the only reason anyone remembers what a Delorean is. Its triumphant score ranks near the top of most movie soundtrack lists. And until now, it’s never traveled to our century’s finest home theater systems.
But that will change when Back To The Future: The Ultimate Trilogy speeds onto 4K Blu-Ray this October. These films have been available on plenty of other formats, so we’re gonna need some extra encouragement to double-dip (or triple dip, or quintuple dip, or octuple dip…) Universal dug into their vaults and found previously unseen audition tapes from now-famous people who never made it into the picture…

An Alternate Future: Lost Audition Tapes (NEW) – Get a glimpse of the BACK TO THE FUTUREthat could have been with rare audition footage featuring now-famous celebrities.

Ben Stiller
Kyra Sedgwick
Jon Cryer
Billy Zane
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