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S.H. Figuarts Tiger just came in yesterday! With Ryuga, Scissors, Knight and Verde all well on their way soon, I have all of the Riders in their base forms with the exception of Gai, and, obviously, the two that haven't been released yet.


"Tiger Shark" anyone? No? Okay.

Ryuki's not this pink but, you know, phone cameras and all.

Overall, it was hard enough to get just these 7 to fit in one picture, so I shudder to think of how hard it will be to get 17 (Survive modes and Alternative Zero) and possibly all Contract Beasts in one photo. Oh dear...

Zander Yurami

HJU's master of disguise
Started painting my Legendary Megazord. The missing paint really bigged me. My silver seems to be dryed up and not working well, so I am gonna need to get more before I can finish.







DejivruR, awesome shots of Ryuki!!

Can you tell us a bit about the backgrounds you use? Do you create them yourself? Looks awesome. :buttrock:

Zander Yurami

HJU's master of disguise
In today's installment of "Ranger Parenting" I present to you, all of Phoenix's roleplay toys, minus all the other broken ranger keys. I have already bought him all the keys and I am not doing it again. XD

I only paid $3 each for the sets, so I dont really care. *used a coupon I thought was legit, just to find out it was a shopped one from last year that still worked*

Now that his "collection" is back to how it was before that fight broke out in my house, I might be able to start getting my own collection back up. . . . . . Maybe.


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