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Where has the roleplaying game based on the Avatar: The Last Airbender franchise been all this time? We’re not sure, but the hole is finally about to be filled thanks to a collaboration between CBSViacom and Magpie Games. Announcing Avatar Legends, The Roleplaying Game, which covers both existing series (ATLA and Legend of Korra) in one box.
The rules are quite deep and better explained on the Kickstarter page, but in basic terms it’s based on the Apocalypse framework. Players invent their own characters, travel through the world and affect the story through their actions. Five known eras are included as potential settings: Kyoshi Era, Roku Era, the Hundred Years’ War (when the new Avatar was frozen), Aang Era and Korra Era. Thanks to the involvement of the creators, canon details about the Avatar World’s past will be revealed for the first time in Avatar Legends.
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