Why is every good TV show Cancelled
Jun 20, 2010
I can't find any info so far as to how he died, but apparently, his agent put out that he passed about a week ago, on the 17th & news outlets are only just starting to notice & pick it up in the last day or so.


For those of you who don't know, Goodkind wrote a series of fantasy/ psychological thriller/ philosophy novels known as the "Sword of Truth." Even though this series technically ended in 2008 with the release of the eleventh novel, "Confessor," he went on writing more in the same universe for another decade, with new novels coming out as recently as just as this pandemic was hitting. Due to this, he was in the top 3 for longest Fantasy Novel Series' of all time. Over the last ten years, he was also working on a smaller series of mystery novels which I've never read &, I think, he was still biding his time for them to catch on.

The "Sword of Truth" was also the basis for the short tv series "Legend of the Seeker," by Sam Raimi & the team behind the live action Hercules & Xena shows, made by ABC Studios, under Disney, filmed in New Zealand & guest starring several actors from Disney Era Power Rangers, including (I am not bothering to double-check actors' names right now) David DeLatour (RJ), Casey, Lily, Spencer, Master Mao & Summer, among others. The man who played one of the elf Kings in Lord of the Rings was the villain, Darken Rahl, & First Wizard Zeddicus Zu'ul Zorander was played by character actor Bruce Spence, known for playing Sauron, an Utapauan Alien in Star Wars episode 3, a one-off character in the Matrix series, a villain in Ace Ventura, & the town elder at the beginning of Pirate of the Caribbean 5. Although it didn't follow the story of the books & even butchered the lore, it was generally well received & brought many people to the books who would've otherwise never heard of them, before being cancelled in 2010.

He was one of my favorite authors, personally & I will miss his work. He did manage to complete the specific story he was working on in the Sword of Truth following side character, Nicci, but deliberately left it open ended, as if it could have possibly continued further, if he had ever wanted to do more.

Despite being dyslexic & a bit of a social outsider, the man loved writing & always worked hard to excel at his work to the best of his ability. His personal philosophy of how people should live is deeply injected into his books & has been an inspiration to all who read it & came to understand him in that small way. On a side note, he also painted, made violins & drove racecars as side hobbies & was just as good at that as he was at writing. He will be sorely missed.

Sword of Truth Series:
-Wizard's First Rule
-Stone of Tears
-Blood of the Fold
-Temple of the Winds
-Soul of the Fire
-Faith of the Fallen
-Pillars of Creation
-Naked Empire
-The Omen Machine
-The Third Kingdom
-Severed Souls
-The Children of D'hara
-Death's Mistress
-Shroud of Eternity
-Siege of Stone
-Heart of Black Ice

Spinoff Novel:
-The Law of Nines

Prequel Novels:
-Magda Sears: The First Confessor
-Debt of Bones