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If Keith can have one, this guy deserves one too. He's got his own book thats a great read, and was involve in ALOT of Toku. Don't forget he always been giving us the latest news in the Toku world over the years. It's always been so great to have member like him here no doubt indeed! :buttrock:


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Do they constantly have to remind us that school's just about start? I mean, it effectively ruins my summer:shakefist
August...the man, the myth, the legend. Almost as big on this board as Godzilla (for obvious reasons :D). Thanks August for being a member on this board.


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Before there was Henshin Justice Unlimited... before there was Japan Hero... there was.... HENSHIN ONLINE!!!


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August is truly a great senpai.

No, let me say that again. An URUTORA-SENPAI!

*raises a mug* To August(damn that month. Not you my man.)!

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Before there was Henshin Justice Unlimited... before there was Japan Hero... there was.... HENSHIN ONLINE!!!

FINALY someone else who remembers Henshin Online.

anyways keep up the good work man your book should be hitting my mail box any day now and i can't wait:thumbs:


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Wow. I'm flattered by this thread. Flabbergasted, even. Thanks, guys, for all the love! :)

I have to admit. Who the hell is August?
Legitimate question. I've been a fan of tokusatsu all of my life, thanks to growing up in San Francisco during the '70s. First, it was Godzilla and Ultraman, and then Johnny Sokko. But, it was when I discovered our Japantown, which had stores chock-full of books, magazines, records and toys for current tokusatsu programs, that I went really nuts. Eventually, my friends and I put on some little mini-conventions for toku, and appeared at conventions to promote toku (every year, I present "Japanese Superheroes Now!" at WonderCon in San Francisco -- four years ago, we had toku actor Ban Daisuke as a guest.*).

It was during the '70s that I was invited by my local horror, Bob Wilkins, to appear on KTVU-2's "Creature Features" to talk about Godzilla. I guess I did a good job, because I appeared on the show several times afterwards, and when Bob started the afternoon series, "Captain Cosmic", which ran ULTRAMAN, SPECTREMAN, JOHNNY SOKKO, THE SPACE GIANTS, etc., I became his "Japanese Film Expert" and made appearances to talk about these shows. Here's an October 1979 clip from "Captain Cosmic" talking about STAR BLAZERS (Space Battleship Yamato) and my old Godzilla Fan Club:

In the mid-'80s I moved to Tokyo, and during that time, was able to meet a lot of the wonderful folks who worked on our favorite movies and shows, from Toei, Toho, and Tsuburaya Productions. As well as some great fans as well. I was very lucky to have been befriended by so many people, and invited to some incredible events, including Shotaro Ishimori's private Birthday Party. (I was even featured on Japanese television a couple of times.)

Since then, I have returned to visit Japan many times, visiting the sets of toku movies and series. You can see a sample of photos, HERE.

Over the years, I have written for a number of publications, including Japanese Fantasy Film Journal, Video Watchdog, Filmfax, G-Fan, and Super 7. I co-founded Henshin! Online about ten years ago, and three years ago, we finally broke up the band. Currently, I'm writing about toku for Otaku USA and have my own blog, The Good, the Bad, and Godzilla:

Last year, my first book was published, EIJI TSUBURAYA: MASTER OF MONSTERS the first-ever English-language biography of the man who brought Godzilla and Ultraman to life, for which I was hired by Tsuburaya Productions and Chronicle Books to write. I have also contributed extensively to the DVD releases of STARMAN, SUPER INFRAMAN, IRON KING, SUPER ROBOT: RED BARON, KIKAIDA, KIKAIDA 01, KAMEN RIDER V3, INAZUMAN -- providing exhaustive liner notes, factoids, translations, and even subtitle scripts.

I also was a music event promoter for ten years, producing events like The Greaseball, and was the co-founder (and one of the performers) of Incredibly Strange Wrestling... I also was one of the organizers for GODZILLAFEST, a 50th Anniversary film festival dedicated to the King of Monsters in 2004. Currently, for the last four years, I've been the organizer and producer of SHOCK IT TO ME!, an annual classic horror film festival staged at the Castro Theatre in San Francisco. And, I'm always looking for new stuff to do!

I'm sure that I've left a lot of other details out, but that about covers it... :sweat:

(*Ban Daisuke was the star of KIKAIDA, INAZUMAN, NINJA CAPTOR and BATTLE FEVER J.)
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