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There’s an interesting story behind SCARE ZONE, the upcoming indie horror film due for release on the Terror Films Channel May 27. It’s made by a team that normally specializes in theme park attractions, and the project started when one of them noticed one attraction would be going unused for a substantial period of time before it opened.
“The Universal Orlando Resort had built an awesome haunted maze right in the middle of one of their sound stages for Halloween Horror Nights,” explains Jon Binkowski, writer and director of SCARE ZONE. “And, because they wanted to feature the attraction in a late November theme park convention, the maze was going to just sit there for 3 weeks doing nothing.”
“Ever since I first walked through a Halloween haunted house, I’ve had the same dreadful thought; “What if a killer has nested in the attraction and, dressed like one of the actors, just walks up and hacks me with an axe… would anyone notice that it’s not part of the show?” [The idle maze] was...

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I use to work as a Ghost in a Theme Park haunted house and I still can't forget that lady who was so scared she punched me in the face. So in this movie the horror becomes real?