Attention artists!


The manga imprint of Infinity Comic
Bouken Comics, the manga imprint of Infinity Comics, is recruiting! We are looking for artists in the Western and/or Manga styles to join our growing art crew. Our goal is to be the best and first tokusatsu style comic! The story is being plotted as we speak (tons of henshin heroes, several giant robots & monsters, and an evil sentai group to boot!).

If interested, please contact us at with the subject reading "comic tryout." Send us samples of your work or draw your own hero! :castlerock:

Here is a gallery of our art!
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I could draw you something if it would make you feel better, but you would probably just end up weeping for the future of human civilization.


Back in Black
There is no one who is artistically inclined? :redface2:
Most people on the forums have no talents.

Oh, snap.

I actually can't draw in the comic book style, so I can't do it.

I hope that having replies on your thread makes you feel better.

That Gun Caliber art is awesome.

Good luck.

Zander Yurami

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I can draw...i just dont trust you. Who the hell are you? Just someone who joins to post crap like this.


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Wish I can join but I'm just too occupied on my freelancing to-do lists now. But you can check some of the crappy comics I do for an RP group. :anime: