Attack On Titan Season 4 Launches On Funimation

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Jun 20, 2012
It all ends here: many years after a launch that quickly turned into a breakout hit, Attack On Titan is winding down its story with its fourth and final season of episodes. And Funimation, who brought America the previous three seasons, is there to simulcast the sub on its streaming channel.
Last season we found out Eren is not the only one who can transform into a Titan…there are others outside of humanity’s stronghold who can do the same, and some can even communicate in their Titan forms. In fact, the truth may be wilder than anyone expected. Could every Titan out there actually be a human being?
The premiere episode of Season Four appeared in sub form last night. Check out the new opening sequence:

As for when the last season of Attack On Titan will appear on Toonami, that depends on when the dub arrives. Funimation hasn’t set a date, but says they’re working on it. It may take a bit longer since, as with the other shows Funi dubs, the actors have to record their...

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