Attack On Titan Final Season Part 3 Finally Launches

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<p>There’s drawn-out goodbyes, and then there’s Attack On Titan. What was billed as the “final season” by Studio MAPPA has ballooned into three now, with the third being the most unusual. Instead of a traditional batch of 24-minute episodes, AOT The Final Season Part Three will be released as two one-hour specials. The first of these premieres today.</p>


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Fans of the show can hardly believe that Attack on Titan is finally reaching its conclusion after so many years.
Finally, the eagerly anticipated final season has arrived, bringing excitement to fans worldwide.While some fans have criticized the decision to release the final season in three parts, the quality of the episodes speaks for itself. It remains to be seen how the series will ultimately conclude, and whether it will meet the expectations of its dedicated fanbase.


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I kinda admit I quit the show the moment Sasha died. I still have plans to finish this series, I just need to recover from Sasha's death.


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Notably, the theme of sacrifice has been prevalent throughout Attack on Titan, leading me to wonder if it will play a significant role in the final part. I have a feeling that more beloved characters will meet their demise.I'm eager to see how Eren's story arc will be resolved in the series' conclusion.The level of intricacy and detail in Attack on Titan's world-building is truly impressive.


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Are you kidding me? Attack on Titan has managed to keep fans hooked for so long and you call it "impressive"? The character relationships in Attack on Titan are so damn complex and well-developed, it's about time someone recognized that. I'm practically dying to see how the story resolves the conflict between Eren and his former friends. That's what sets this series apart - it's always willing to take risks and subvert expectations, making it stand out from the rest of the boring anime out there.

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