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Looks like we called that one. When Crunchyroll released a trailer for the “finale episode” of Attack On Titan last week, we wondered why they weren’t making a bigger deal out of it, or avoiding the words “series finale.” We suspected an announcement was coming at the end of that episode, and we were correct. There will be an Attack On Titan: Final Season Part 3.
Studio MAPPA may have moved too early in applying the “Final Season” label when they started animating this arc back in 2020. Given the timeskip and the radical situation shift that occurs in the story, it’s definitely the final storyline, but you can’t make three seasons and refer to each one as the “final” one.
The Attack On Titan manga is 139 chapters long. As it stands, only nine chapters have yet to be adapted, and those chapters include an ending that was not popular with Titan fans. Rumor has it MAPPA is planning on going in a different direction, which would help...

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I will miss this series because it opened my eyes to the borders Anime can cross. It helped me deal better with death since this series killed off characters with no mercy.