Attack On Titan Creator To Make First US Appearance

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US manga localization titans Kodansha have just announced they’ve made arrangements for Hajime Isayama, creator of Attack On Titan, to make his first public appearance in the US. He waited until he’d finished the entire series to do this, but better late than never, right?
He’s scheduled to be a special guest at Anime NYC this year. Isayama will appear for a live book signing the first day, and on Anime NYC’s Main Stage on the second day. Just think, you can be there to ask important questions like “Why did Eren turn out to be such a jerk?” Ticket sales for Isayama’s panel and signing will go on sale in early November.
“This is it—Hajime Isayama in his first U.S. appearance, and it’s going to be at Anime NYC,” said Alvin Lu, President & CEO of Kodansha USA Publishing. “After more than ten years of publishing Attack on Titan, we are very, very excited to help host Isayama-sensei and to see him meet the fans that have loved and supported this amazing pop-culture phenomenon throughout...

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Now that Attack on Titan ended, I wonder what his next project will be about. Is he going to be a one hit wonder of will he manage to make a new Manga series. A lot of Mangakas became one hit wonders because they either have flop follow up projects or they got writer's block.


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I hope he goes with an interpreter and make a Q and A with fans. I have a lot of questions to him. American fans are indeed a toxic fanbase so kudos for him to show up knowing the fans can be too much.


He still ranks among my favorite manga creators. He made a major mistake at the finale, but the first 90 chapters of the story were truly flawless in my opinion and demonstrated the potential of contemporary shounen anime/manga. I just hope that, whatever he works on next, he can finish it in a way that pleases everyone, not stoke controversy and permanently damage the reputation of the title.


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I still think that most fanbase like Isayama despite the awful ending he produced. Since the conclusion entirely undermines the plot's purpose, I don't like it, and I'm still upset that he transformed Eren into a Hitler.


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Oh, how I wish I was there.Even though he stumbled, Isayama is still one of my favorite mangakas, so I know they'll make every effort to limit questions about the conclusion.
I would love to meet Isayama because he is my hero. Would I approach him and inquire as to the reasoning behind the ending retcon? Yes. I don't give a tuck if some of you are hating on him now, but only after I tell him he's one of the best storytellers there is. I still think he is brilliant.


You are welcome to brand me a hater. I too believed he was a skilled mangaka until I saw that he had simply stolen the visual novel series Muv-Luv and the book The Eternal Champion. In the future, if he decides to write more, I won't be reading it because, in addition to his poor artwork and lack of dedication to his concept, I can no longer consider him a good author. Although AoT initially had a lot of issues with world-building and dreadful character writing, the story did have a lot of promise, and the intrigue around the universe and titans was captivating. I detest the ending!


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I won't attend because I might punch him for killing Sasha Blouse AKA The Potato Girl. I hated him and I will go Kathy Bates as Annie Wilkes if I see him in person.

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