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It’s sure taking Attack On Titan a long time to end, isn’t it? Something called “The Final Season” began streaming on Funimation last year, but after those episodes were finished, the series wasn’t over….turns out we only got a half-season, and the rest of it would take another year to produce.
Why is it so slow? Blame the manga. The absolutely final volume of Attack On Titan wasn’t released until last April. The anime can’t move any faster, nor can it produce useless filler to stall for time because new anime shows don’t really do that anymore. But now that they have the complete story, they can move ahead and get this thing finished.
Season 4 has been very different from the previous three. After a time jump, the main threat isn’t naked giants with big mouths anymore…it’s a bloody conflict between two nations, with the heroes from the previous seasons caught in the middle. Former friends are now enemies, and Eren has grown up into a huge jerk. What happens next? Funimation says...
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