In its third season the Green Arrow show is featured in the show "ARROW". Oliver Queen is rescued from a isolated and remote island where he was thought long dead. He returns to his home city on a mission to clean up the evil and vermin that exist.

Being in the third season, it started off slow but is now at full swing with interesting character interactions, plot twist, and other DC Universe characters making guest appearances. We are at the seasons mid point break, but man, if you haven't seen the last aired show, go look for it. What the hell are they going to do next?


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I mean i don't know. I cant think of him as being....well they way they left him (don't want to spoil it) but then again I don't know how that would change. He is only human after all, anything else would be effed up.


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I watched a couple of episodes in the first season and didn't get into the show. Then I saw that it was gaining popularity and was curious if the storyline improved. I like this genre of tv shows. I am a fan of Marvel Agents of Shield, Smallville and Gotham. For the show to be into it's third season I really think I need to catch up on the episodes. I know a lot of shows need time to build the character and storyline but this one felt too slow in the beginning. Seeing it being discussed here I'm going to check it out.


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I hesitated to get into this show, as it was on Netflix. I like superheroes and I like universes that don't quite adhere to our sense of realism but... I don't know. It came close, but not quite. But I see many fanfictions of this show, so there must be something very taking. I'm still undecided. Could you guys help me out?

What are you guys favorite quotes of the show? What other show would you compare it to?

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